3D/4D mapping & large - format projection technologies are utilized in advertising, special events,live shows, product launches, corporate events, live concerts and in a wide variety of large-scale events to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. This technology incredibly enhances real objects and transforms them into real life moving imagery.

3D & 4D mapping are a revolutionary technique that transforms the world in ways never before possible. Bloom Entertainment team uses specialized tools that mirror real life environments.

Our services in video mapping:

Full 360 Movies Projection (inside or outside a special fulldome).
Large-Format Projections.
3D & 4D Mapping.
High Technology Events.
Exceptional Video Contents.

Our team executes sophisticated and high technology events for all types of audiences. We guarantee to bring an exceptional experience and memorable lasting impressions to your product launches, corporate events and live shows.

We believe in making a difference.