No more fixed screens but instead stunning, attention-demanding displays that can be walked through!

FogScreen® Projection screen is a thin curtain of "dry fog" that serves as a translucent projection screen that displays images that float in the air. It is not just a passive projection screen but a screen that can be turned into an immense touch screen, greatly expanding its application possibilities! FogScreen® can be configured with two separate types of interactivity: for kiosk applications the FogScreen can become a large, floating touch screen where high resolution images float in the air and react to or interact with finger touches. FogScreen can also show images that interact and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either configuration, the screen can support customized content that attracts attention and captures the visitor's and children's imagination!

Core Characteristic:

Add a WOW factor to your event.
Increase dwell time.
Increase remembrance, understanding and appreciation of key concepts.
Create unforgettable sensory experiences.
Create walk through magic.
Create reveal effect.