This visual and sonic extravaganza and power packed show is about majestic water fountains moving to the beat of the music, one moment shooting up to unimaginable heights and the next turning into a small wave striking the oversized water screen that projects images and videos of impressive quality. Fascinating laser animations, tower high columns of fire and pyrotechnics to the exact beat of the music blend in together in the eyes of the viewer and make up a significant component of the theatrical special effects and aesthetic expression of the show.

On a huge stage filled with water, geysers and water fountains shoot up into the air within fractions of a second, column of free shoot high out of the cool water with lightning speed, and reworks rise into the air rapidly. Unfolding like a fan, the water screen takes the audience along on a colorful journey around the world in a series of short film sequences. High performance computers down to the last minute detail accurately program all technical sophistication. A high-end sound system rounds the show perfectly with background music.